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Thread: Huawei Smart AX MT841 - Problem

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    bhoopathi Guest

    Default Huawei Smart AX MT841 - Problem


    I am using BSNL provided Type - IV modem i.e. Huawei Smart AX MT841 with Wi-fi Module for the last 1 year.
    For the last 1 month, its not working for more than 30 min. i.e. it is getting disconnected (that orange light goes off). If I switch off and on it after 15 min. it will come but only for a few mins.

    Please let me know where I can get this repaired.


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    sourabh Guest

    Default huawei smart ax mt841

    Mr. Bhoopati,

    for solving this type of problem first u ckeck ur power supply input . Voltage should not be less than 185 volt. if voltage is ok than ask ur service provider support team to change BB port.if u required settings for this modem post me ur email id i will send to you.


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    bhoopathi Guest


    thank you Sourabh. I will check these things.

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    The possible problems are:

    1. Power Supply as someone said
    2. Line Problem (Check with your Telephone Exchange)
    3. The Splitter problem (Ask a technician)

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