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Thread: BSNL Dataone wireless router

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    Default BSNL Dataone wireless router

    BSNL Dataone wireless router


    I have a question about bsnl dataone connection and a smartAX mt882 router. (type-1)

    Now, i have bought a laptop and i wish to buy a wifi enabled router. Can i get the wa1003a router in the market anywhere? its the same supplid by bsnl is suppose. Or if anyone is ready to exchange their wifi router with mine!

    If this is not possible, please guide me as to which wifi router can i purchase for my dataone connection as all the places i enquired, the ppl were damn confused about it and so am i now!

    Any links to those products will be appreciated...thanks again...


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    Better you sell it off to some person who needs a non wifi router. Coz BSNl is really short of routers so anyone will purchase it. And get for yourself a generic DSL router with wifi from market.

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    I think MT841 does the work you want. Just as for a exchange from BSNL (Of course they'll charge something)

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    BSNL will exchange it for you and you can get a wireless router from the market but I would buy it form BSNL as they will take care of any faults

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    You can use any wireless router. It doesn't matter. The ones given by BSNL are crap.

    Go with Linksys or Netgear.

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